Representing Southwest Antennas

Southwest Antennas is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom antennas and accessories for projects where commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) antenna solutions don’t exist or other antennas are providing less than ideal performance. Since 2005, Southwest Antennas has designed over 1,000 antenna products for hundreds of customers with unique and challenging needs.

The engineering staff at SWA has a combined experience of 75 years in the RF and Microwave communication markets and applies this first hand knowledge to new product design requirements. Having encountered the full range of product challenges and antenna issues, we draw from a clear understanding of what works, what does not, and why. Our approach is to fully understand the scope and needs of your project, then outline product specifications that meet your project requirements and antenna performance specifications, and finally planning manufacturing and delivery schedules.

Our analysis models, development processes, commitment to quality assurance, and our long history of successful internal and external antenna design and manufacturing are available to help you meet the unique challenges of the high performance RF / Microwave market.

Our Product Design Process

The Southwest Antennas product design process is structured to give our customers realistic expectations about antenna design and performance, based on our extensive experience designing a wide range of antenna products and accessories.

Our engineering team works closely with customers once a request comes in to fully understand the requirements of the finished antenna product, both electrical (operating frequency ranges, power, gain, VSWR, and other relevant parameters) and mechanical (size, weight, fit, environmental ruggedness, connectors, product integration with other devices, and other related mechanical specifications) using our suite of computer-aided design tools.

Once the technical evaluation of product design requirements is finalized, the customer is sent a complete document outlining the antenna design, electrical and mechanical specifications, and estimated prices at requested quantity levels. Once approved, our team moves quickly to complete your design and deliver finished production units at your required schedule.

Learn more about why companies work with Southwest Antennas for custom antenna design projects, or submit a request for a custom antenna project.

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